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What to expect...

The official DVSA syllabus for CBT courses does not change for those wanting to renew their CBT once it has reached its 2 year expiry date. The CBT course remains exactly the same for those new to riding or taking their 2nd, 3rd or 10th CBT course!

The CBT test itself is a course designed to develop riding skills, there is ALWAYS space to learn new skills and also be reminded of those we have maybe forgotten. At Choice Bike Training, the CBT course does not change in any way for those wanting a "shorter" or "faster" day.

However, the CBT course itself is designed in a way that it can progress only when proof of learning and demonstration of the skills required has been shown by the student, so a CBT course with experienced riders may progress a little faster than a course of novices. Please do let us know when booking if you have previously taken a CBT, we will make every effort to get you onto a course with others who have experience also.

CBT courses are held at:  

Ewell T.A Centre, Ewell, Epsom KT17 2 BG

IMPORTANT: Please be aware our instructors will NOT deliver short CBT courses for anyone. There is NO guarantee that every student on your course will be renewing their CBT.