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Pay as you go Motorcycle training. Your ride, Your Choice.

Motorcycle licence training is often standardised. But here at Choice Bike Training we help you create a bespoke course to suit your needs, starting as little as a half days training.

Our experienced team will help develop your riding skills and prepare you for your full license tests (Modules 1 & 2)

You can take this training on a 125cc Scooter up to a 650cc Motorcycle, we offer training for all available licenses. (A/A1/A2).

Our pay as you go service offers you the ability to train by the hour, not the day. Need a quick refresher before you take your test? We got you covered. Feel like you need a week to get yourself feeling confident? No problem!

Motorcycle Training Mitcham and Motorcycle Training Sutton, our training is close and convenient for the Mitcham DVSA test centre. Once you have completed your DAS intro in Epsom the rest of the Das training Starts and ends at the "Cannons" in Mitcham CR4 4HD

Speak to a member of our team to help you decide what works for you..

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How does it work?

Moving You Forward, Your Way...

We start all our full licence training with what we call a DAS intro. This is a 4 hour block session which will introduce you to your instructor and the machines used during our courses. You will spend this time training and performing exercises both on and off-road. 

This time gives our instructors the chance to evaluate your riding and assess your needs in regards to further training. 

With that knowledge, our team will build a course that suits you! Meaning you wont be spending more than you need to get you on the road feeling safe and confident. 

DAS training starts and ends Nr The Cannons Mitcham CR4 4HD

*Experienced riders may be ready to test after the Intro, others will need further training. 

Book your DAS Intro with us and start your fun, exciting and journey towards full licence freedom!!

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Testing made simple!

We will organise the Bike Test for you, Module 1 or Module 2

Your Motorcycle test fees will be bolted on to one of your training sessions once you are ready to take it. 

For some the motorcycle or scooter full license test can be a daunting experience no matter how ready you feel, at Choice we arrange all your tests and our instructors escort you to the test centre and offer last minute advice and training prior to your test. 

Your pay as you go motorcycle training is catered around YOU. Our instructors will work with you to develop your riding skills and only recommend to take your motorcycle or scooter test once YOU are ready. 

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Where to find us:

Our DAS sessions start and end from "Cannons" in Mitcham CR4 4HD. Full address will be send after booking.

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