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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered:

Can I renew my CBT with you?

Yes! You can book your CBT as normal via our booking pages. The CBT course is the exact same course whether you are a first time rider or renewing.

Do you provide helmets?

When booking with Choice, you will be asked your helmet, glove & jacket sizes so that we can provide you with the necessary safety equipment. Free of charge.

Where do you do deliver CBT courses?

We currently hire playground areas at Glyn School, Ewell and grounds at the Indian Gymkhana in Isleworth.

Can I just book my tests without training?

We highly recommend training before taking any test. However if you are a confident, experienced rider and have the necessary documents, you can book the test without training at your own risk (pending an assessment from one of our team)

What happens if I cannot make my course?

Failure to attend without notice will result in loss of deposit. However you can cancel, rebook or postpone your course without penalty up to 3 working days before your course.

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